Upon the successful completion of the Summer Law School Giessen, you will be awarded credits [ECTS] by the University of Giessen. You will be awarded 6 ECTS credits for successfully passing your two selected courses (3 ECTS for each course) of the academic program (out of the 4 we offer) and 1 ECTS credits for the successful participation in the (optional) German language course.


Our courses are ABA approved. Therefore, US participants will be awarded ABA credits.

Non-US participants will be awarded ECTS credits. The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System [ECTS] is a student-centered system based on the workload required to achieve the objectives of a course. The organization's aim is to facilitate student mobility and therefore simplifies the process of credit transfer. The system is based on the assumption that 60 credits equals the workload of a full-time student during one academic year. The student workload of a full-time study program in Europe approximately amounts to 40 weeks per year and in this case one credit stands for 24 to 30 working hours. For more information on ECTS please visit the homepage of the European Union.

Please note: ABA and ECTS credits will only be awarded upon passed examinations.

Transcript of Records - Grades

Your performance will be documented in percentage terms. Documentation for a conversion into ECTS/U.S. grades will be attached to the transcript.

Please note: ECTS is applied by most European higher education institutions. Furthermore, some of our partner universities outside of Europe agreed on accepting ECTS. We recommend consulting the person in charge of academic recognition of credits at your home institution to make sure that transferability of ECTS is possible before you enroll for Summer School Giessen. The Summer School Giessen team will gladly provide you and your home institution with further information on ECTS in order to implement academic recognition for academic achievements of the U.S.-German Summer Law School.