Application Form - U.S.-German Summer Law School

Early Bird Fee

If you register (without a scholarship application) until February 28th, 2019 you'll receive a reduction of the total fee of 250 €


A health, liability and accident insurance is included in the program fee. This is valid for the duration of the program. If participants wanted to stay in Germany longer than the duration of the program, they would have to take care about insurance for the additional days on their own.

Please be aware, that medical service can't be provided for every minor complaint. The sport events of the program will be supplied by medical service. At those events the German Red Cross and an ambulance are present to be able to help immediately in the case of an emergency. If it's necessary, the invalid will most likely be transported to one of the following hospitals:

  • The UKGM
  • The St. Josef Krankenhaus Balserische Stiftung
  • The Akaplesion EKH Mittelhessen

For illnesses that only require seeing a doctor, we work together with doctors of our confidence. The decision for a particular doctor will be made from case to case. 
If you need additional detailed information concerning the insurance policy, please contact the Summer Schools Team via e-mail or phone.

Cancellation Policy

If you registered either for the International Summer University program or the U.S. German Summer Law School program at the Justus Liebig University Giessen, please notice the following Terms and Conditions:

  • If you got accepted for a particular program and also accepted the offer, you need to pay a service fee of 250 €. This service fee will not be refunded under any conditions.
  • The date of a rescission during the particular year will influence the refunded amount of the already payed program fee. (until 31st March: 100%, until 30th April: 75%, until 31st May: 50%, until 15th June: 25%)
  • No refunds will be issued after the 15th June of the particular year of the program.




Students, who want to participate in the U.S.- German Summer Law School, have the possibility to apply for financial subsidies.

How to apply for a scholarship?

An application for a scholarship is only possible with your initial application to the program via our Online Application Form.

This year you can only apply for Partial Scholarships!


Partial Scholarship

If you state that you wish to apply for financial subsidies in our Online Application Form, you will be automatically  requested to attach the following documents to your application:

  1. One letter of reference from one of your lecturers (written in the English language)
  2. CV
  3. A thorough letter of motivation including your reasons to apply for the course and stating your personal financial neediness.
  4. Transcripts of Records showing us your academic achievements (optional)
  5. A certificate of your proficiency in the English language (if you are not a native speaker)


What do we take into consideration?

  • Individual students’ motivation for their participation in our Summer Law School
  • Students’ academic excellence
  • Students’ financial needs
  • Diversity in the composition of the Summer School group


What is covered by a scholarship?

A scholarship will partially reduce the total fee. The sum is set individually since it depends on the individual application and the available funds, which vary yearly. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide scholarships, which waive the complete program fee. Scholarships will not cover travel costs. 

Deadline for application is: May 31st 2019

Please note: The capacity of financial subsidies is very limited.