Within the SLS program, participants will stay in shared twin or three-bed rooms. Every room is equipped with its own bathroom. Additionally, every room will have a small kitchen unit. The “Residenz Hotel” is a middle-sized, familiar, local hotel neither far away from the city center, nor from the university. Supermarkets and bus stops as well as ATM’s are located in the same street.  

Bedding including linen will be provided, but please bring some additional towels. Washing machines and public phones are also available nearby. Please note: Room allocation is subject to availability and solely at the discretion of the ISU team.

Accommodation is provided from July 20th - August 17th 2019

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Breakfast will be provided at the hotel in form of a substantial buffet. Including a wide range of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, sweet spreads, breads, cake, cereal, yoghurt, egg dishes and juices, as well as coffee and tea. 

Other meals are not included, but you will be given a Mensa card for inexpensive meals on campus (student reduced prices), which can be charge with your own money. 

Several students' restaurants ("Mensa" and "Cafeteria") on campus serve a variety of snacks and dishes from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. In addition to the daily changing menus, pasta, salads, barbecue and sandwiches are available. Vegetarian or vegan as well as non-pork meat and fish dishes are also available.

Prices in the cafeterias and restaurants of the University are very reasonable. You will get lunch (including soft drink and side dish) from 1,80 to about 3,50 Euros.

 In general you will find many restaurants, cafes and bars in Giessen with very reasonable and student-friendly prices.

House Regulations for your Hotel

Peace at Night

From 10 PM peace at night has to be kept in all rooms, corridors and the grounds. All noise must be avoided. Failure to observe the peace at night may result in a verbal warning. After the second warning you will be asked to leave the hotel. (In this case we are not responsible for your accommodation any more.) The hotel expects that other guests, neighbors and staff are treated with respect.

Alcohol, Smoking, Illegal Drugs & Weapons

Alcoholic drinks are not allowed in your hotel room. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all hotel rooms, as well. Smoking in your hotel room will also be a breach of the German law. Illegal drugs or weapons must under no circumstances be brought into the the hotel and will result in immediate ejection. In any event, the relevant authorities will be notified.


The participant is liable for any damage to hotel property or severe soiling caused due to willful misconduct or gross negligence. If the guilty person within a group cannot be identified, the entire group will be liable.

Important note: Please do not wash your clothes in your bathroom. This can lead to severe flooding.