Application Form - International Summer University

Before you start the process make sure that you have

  • your passport
  • your CV as PDF
  • your thorough letter of motivation as PDF
  • your certificate of your proficiency in the English language
  • your official transcripts of records (this is optional, you only have to attach them if you want to) as PDF

on hand. 

Please note: Your Certificate has not to be an official one like the TOEFL Test or IELTS because we know that they are very expensive. A Certificate that you took part in an English Language Course or in a Legal English Course would be perfectly fine.

Additionally, if you want to apply for a scholarship of any kind you will need to upload further documents. A full list can be found on our website under „Fees/Scholarships“ (als Verweis) . Again please notice that the homepage is structured according to the two different programs we offer. Kindly use the corresponding pages.