Moot Court in Nuremberg

From 25th to 26th July 2013, the first international criminal law Moot Court in Nuremberg itself was held. It was organized to take place in the historic room 600 of the Nuremberg Higher Regional Court. In this well-known room, the International Military Tribunal indicted the major War-Criminals of the Nazi regime (“Nuremberg Trials”) in 1945-1946. The Moot Court Competition is one integral part of the annual summer school called "From Nuremberg to The Hague" by the Creighton University School of Law.
In July 2013, the Justus Liebig University and the University of Marburg participated in the international criminal law moot court with a joint team.

The Justus-Liebig University selected Matthias Cromm and Alexander Koll to represent the JLU Gießen in Nuremberg. They were coached and supported by Dr. Ignaz Stegmiller

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