The Faculty of Law and the Wisconsin-Giessen-Alumni provide a unique opportunity for law students of the JLU after they have sucessfully obtained their First State Examination through the participation in a one year Master Program (LL.M.) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with reduced fees.

The high-ranking Faculty of Law enables students to obtain a LL.M. degree through an independent research study.

Please send your application until 01.12.2016, the following documents enclosed

  • CV (German and English, Photo of yourself),
  • Transcripts of Records (all law as well as potential other certificates, First State Examnation [the latter can be handed in subsequently]),
  • English certificate(s) (TOEFL or JLU Gießen)
  • An outline of your research ideas on approx. 4 pages (TNR, font size 12, double-spaced)


Department of Public Law and International Law 
- Professor Dr. Thilo Marauhn -
Licher Straße 76
35394 Giessen

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