Magister Juris Internationalis (M.J.I.)

In addition to the German University degree (first state examination) the Justus Liebig University Giessen (School of Law) offers an additional study program (Magister Juris Internationalis – MJI) with a focus on European and International Law. The course will be completed after 8 semesters.
The study program enables students to gain competent knowledge and skills in the fields of International and European Law and opens up new professional opportunities.

The requirements for graduation are: a magister thesis, 4 written examinations and an oral examination. During the course of study certificates of achievement in the field of International, European and Comparative Law must be completed. Furthermore a one year study-abroad is compulsory.

The course of study is an independent degree program but can be closely linked to the German first state examination. Therefore a dual enrollment for both courses of study is necessary. Any study periods and achievements, accomplished during the studies of law, can be transferred to the MJI program. Achieved results in the field of the written examination (first states examination) can also be taken into account for the MJI course, if the university law degree will be completed before taking examinations in the field of the MJI. Instead of the oral examinations students can take a disputation occurred on the magister's thesis.

Examination regulations for the M.J.I.

Please find the examination regulations for the M.J.I here.

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