International Law (LL.M.)

The law faculty of Justus-Liebig University Giessen (chair of Prof. Dr. Thilo Marauhn) has established an e-learning based LL.M. programme in public international law. The course will be taught in English. In the course of four semesters, students will attend two units of classes (two weeks each) at the university of Giessen, Germany. All other content will be taught via distance learning. This concept allows international students who work abroad and cannot attend classes in Germany on a regular basis (as well as students who are less flexible, e.g. those with children or with students with disabilities) to successfully complete the course and earn an advanced academic title. While written material and lectures recorded as video files will form the backbone of the study material, the e-learning elements of the programme will include various technical means such as online chats and video conferences at fixed times, which will enable a lively interaction between students and teaching staff. For more detailed information, please click on the link to the module descriptions on this website which are included in the ‘Spezielle Ordnung’ (partly in English).

The course is designed for lawyers who aspire to specialise in international law whilst pursuing their career. Precondition for admission to the course is a law degree from a university, as well as either a minimum of one year of law-related work experience or the ‘second state exam’ (German qualification). The study programme is mainly designed for international students, but German participants may equally apply. The course will focus on conveying such content which is complementary to the knowledge that students gain in universities and which adds to the skills required in every day legal practice, thus bridging any gaps in knowledge transfer.

Students will have to pay a study fee of 9,990 Euro in order to enrol in the programme. Application to the programme is not yet possible, since the course will start only in October 2017, at the earliest. However, interested students and practitioners may send an email to marie-christin.stenzel (at) to be included in a waiting list and to receive any updates on this programme.