Giessen Model United Nations e.V.

Taking part in „Model United Nations“ is an excellent opportunity to develop negotiation strategies, to train mediation skills and work out solutions for major global issues jointly. Through cooperation with international teams, the delegates gain invaluable experiences and improve their leadership qualities.

Unfortunately, only a few students get the chance to participate in a global conference of this scale. Therefore we founded the non profit association Giessen Model United Nations e.V. The association selects the delegates and supports the participants during the preparation of and the participation in the United Nations simulation (Model United Nations).

Executive Board

Dr. Sven Simon

Chairman of GiMUN e.V.

Joscha Müller

Vice Chairman of GiMUN e.V.

Lukas Tielsch

Treasurer of GiMUN e.V.

Judith Thorn

Secretary of GiMUN e.V.